Google Sites

Google Sites is a no-coding, no-database approach to creating a website. It has a number of website templates available that can help you to get the website up and running quickly. Changes and edits to Google Sites are easy to do, meaning that once you take ownership of a Google Site, you require no third-party or vendor assistance in the future to make updates. 

To see samples of the websites we have created for our clients, or to have us design a Google Site for your company, please contact us.

The advantages of a Google Site website are:

  • Secure. Hacking a Google Site is currently unheard of.
  • Quick to setup. Using a standard template and available gadgets a website can be created in minutes.
  • Very accessible because there is no programming or coding and no database.
  • Covered by the Google Apps SLA, so high up times.
  • Customer retains full control over the site, without any dependency on 3rd parties.

The disadvantages of a Google Site website are: 

  • No php or database support. The existing website code and database cannot be reused.
  • Limited support for Javascript and no support for Shockwave Flash.
  • Highly customized or tailored page style is difficult --- maintaining the same look and feel as the current site will not be possible.

A further introduction to Google Sites can be found at :