Google Apps Deployment & Consulting

Your organisation's email has become a central communication mechanism. It has become crucial to engage with a partner that can ensure that migrating from their existing infrastructure into the Google Apps for Business cloud, is a planned, continuous and seamless process with no interruption in mail flow and disruption to the business. 

Google has trained our consultants and imparted to them the knowledge, tools and techniques to ensure businesses transition to Google Apps is a success. We will work with your team to customize one of the two principal deployment approaches detailed below.

Enterprise class deployment range from about 10 days consulting at the lower end of the spectrum and up to 30 days for large integration project involving enterprise directory, single sign on and large change management efforts.

Megha IT Consulting is trained and certified to use the proven “3 phased” deployment approach recommended by Google for implementing Google Apps for Business.

1. The “Core IT” phase concerns a few power technical users that will test and define key use cases for the system while confirming technical design.

2. The “Early Adopter” phase is “Dress Rehearsal” for the entire company with about 5-10 percent of the users, representing the largest possibility of scenario, this phase enables us to remove risks by technically operating the system in the same configuration as the Global Go-Live. This is also the phase where Google Guides (internal champions) will be trained and coached.

3. The “Global Go-Live” phase only starts once we get a GO decision at the end of phase 2, confirming that the system is stable and mail delivery can start to flow into Apps. This phase is often associated with a soft launch enabling users to log into apps and get familiar in time for the go live event.

Enterprise deployment projects call for three explicit work-streams; Change Management is critical to maximize adoption and extract value,  Project Management ensures we stay on track and that all items in the critical path are highlighted, Technical Implementation ensures smooth integration in the existing environment and migration to Apps; that span the entire life-cycle of the migration

Business class deployment range from about 4 days consulting at the lower end of the spectrum and up to 10 days for complex deployments.

For smaller companies and simpler deployments, Megha IT Consulting has customized, shortened and simplified the deployment process without compromising on deliverability.

1. The process is anchored around the Kick Off Meeting which brings stakeholders and our consultants together to document and details how they will jointly:
  • Plan the Deployment
  • Secure & Integrate Google Apps
  • Manage the migration (data, devices & users)
  • Control Panel Support
  • Training & Adoption Support
2. It takes up to four (4) weeks to complete a deployment of this class, but may be completed in as little as two (2) for fairly simple requirements and IT infrastructure integration needs. 

3. The effort needed varies quite significantly based on the training options chosen. Megha IT Consulting will work to custom fit our training offering for the specific needs of the organisation choosing from: 
  • Instructor led & Coaching
  • Webinars & Training Delivery System
  • Workshops