Chennai, India

 Financial Services

Legacy Systems: Hosted Linux Mail Server

Number of Employees: 90+

Services Rendered: Data Migration, Training and Control Panel Support Wealth Advisors (India) Pvt. Ltd. a predominantly  South India based boutique Investment Advisory and Wealth Management firm. 

With over Rs. 5200 crores of assets under advisory, WAI has presence in 7 cities with over 90 employees. WAI has specialized divisions for Private Wealth Management, Institutional Advisory, SEBI Registered Portfolio Manager, Insurance broking through 100% subsidiary - WAI Insurance Broking Services Pvt. Ltd.

Business Drivers 

Wealth Advisors India’s (WAI) core asset is the cumulative expertise which its seasoned financial professionals offer to their clients. The firm’s value revolves around the knowledge of the entire team and their collective intellectual capital. That means that it’s a competitive prerequisite for everyone in the firm to be able to share knowledge – and the documents that contain it and to be constantly communicative online to securely exchange ideas and expertise. 

WAI was on a hosted Linux Messaging System, and a boutique organization like WAI was constrained with the legacy system to seamlessly share information. WAI wanted to make the jump to an up to date platform and embrace the cloud and the promise of collaboration. The firm’s growth fueled the need to share information and best practices in any easily-available way. 

Based on cost-efficiency, ease-of-use, and powerful collaboration tools, Megha IT Consulting pitched Google Apps to WAI and they agreed to move forward. For a sophisticated organization like WAI, Google Apps was a good fit, reducing the need for IT administration, improved efficiency & accessibility delivered by the cloud, increasing innovation with out of the collaboration.

Once WAI decided to make the change, Megha IT Consulting guided WAI through a comprehensive migration process. Megha IT project management team conducted the planning meetings, defined success criteria, selected the starting set of Google Apps products and features and managed issues as they arise.

The project was kicked off. Changes to the DNS settings were made, network access to Google Apps was tested, the desired settings to Google Apps were implemented, the user accounts were provisioned and the users data was migrated into Google Apps. 

Through on-site activity at their Chennai office and virtual engagements with the their IT team, Megha IT Consulting helped WAI in migrating user data, Adoption Support and managing the cut-over to Google Apps for Business. From start to finish the duration of the project plan was less than 4 weeks. 

The migration of WAI to Google Apps for Business was successfully managed by Megha IT Consulting and the forward thinking team at WAI who chose to adopt Gmail as the primary email client for the organization, training was delivered online through Megha IT Consulting's own Training Delivery System.

Within 2 months, WAI had successfully completed the migration process for all of its users in the platform, and, based on the feedback, the stake holders/employees were very satisfied. Having familiar emails, contacts and calendar appointments gave the users the best possible experience of Google Apps. 

WAI now has over 90 users collaborating effectively on the Google Apps system and enjoying the benefits of the stable and scalable system that is up to date.

WAI is now implementing its Cloud based vision to other parts of the business, migrating and converting business processes to take full advantage of the platform.