Headquarters: Chennai, India

Industry: Travel Services

Legacy Systems: Hosted third party email

Number of Employees: 30+

Services Rendered: Data Migration, Training and Control Panel Support

Bharat Travels is an Indology company which specializes in curating and delivering outstanding Indian experiences – for discerning tourists, professionals and educators.

Bharat Travels, have a unique view of India, having seen the country develop for sixty five years. 

With an accurate understanding of what appears to be complexities and paradoxes of India and the ability to weave out inspired programs to suit the requirements of various kinds of customers.

Business Drivers 

Bharat Travels is a leading Indian travel experience curator, with over 60 years of experience. Their success hinges on being able to engage customers effectively throughout the engagement, initially in the sales and package crafting, latter during the delivery of the travel experience and finally to collect feedback and references. 

Showcasing the travel journey effectively is critical to the business, enabling prospective customers to discover the experience virtually before committing to it. 

The legacy mail server --- a remotely hosted system was running out of storage space and at times unavailable due to problems not related to the mail server.  Mail was downloaded to the local PC, which tied the users to their desktop, and created an additional IT support problem for a small business with no in-house IT support team.  

The business was craving for a modern solution, to quote Mahesh Sriram --- Managing Director of Bharat Travels "I don't want anything stored on the desktops, move it all to the cloud!".

After a short demonstration of the core features of Google Apps for Business and some of its extended features such as Google Drive and Google+, the management at Bharat Travels gave the approval to "Go Google".  

Megha IT Consulting prepared the Google Apps environment and made the switch from the existing email provider to Google.  Data migration from Google were used to move old mails from the laptops to Google Apps in order to create a searchable archive of all past email.

Bharat Travels uses multiple domains to market their products and Google Apps multi-domain management features was an ideal solution to this requirement.
Administrator training was delivered to the HR in-charge and Google Apps along with Google+ training was delivered to the employees.  Megha IT Consulting adopts a blended approach for training, with eLearning components delivered via the Training Delivery System combined with standup classroom training and individual coaching.

The 25 GB email storage per user account that is provided by Google Apps for Business has liberated the company from server storage problems and the the need to look through and maintain desktop email archives. Gmail was configured to deliver mail for each users multiple addresses to a single mailbox, with Gmail filters and label making the process efficient and elegant.

All users are using the Chrome browser as their primary interface to Google Apps, and were trained using Megha IT Consulting's own Training Delivery System, delivering daily learning capsules straight to the users mailboxes.

Google Drive was installed to each computer, providing 5 GB of storage on the cloud for documents and immediately solving issues related to data loss and / or corruption.

Google Apps powerful yet simple to use control panel is now managed and administered directly by the HR department, decreasing the dependency on external IT support. 

Bharat Travels is in now in the process of delivering travel micro sites for tours using Google Sites, that include functionalities driven by Google Groups, Google Maps and Google+ hangouts (meet your guide sessions).