Case Studies

Your business operations are different from any others, and have unique needs when it comes to technology enabled processes. Google Apps for Business provides us with a versatile platform that can address the general needs of your industry and the particular needs of your operations.  With over 4 million businesses using Google Apps around the worlds and thousands of large corporations in India and abroad having made the move to Google's Cloud, you can rest assured that we will enable and configure Google Apps for Business to be just right for you.

Leading automotive & manufacturing houses made early investments in IT systems and are still running static legacy system with high cost of licenses and high IT maintenance costs.

As they adapt themselves to the rigors of theglobal economy, Google Apps for Business reduces costs and improvesproductivity.

ACMA members experienced Google Apps for Business first hand when Megha & Google presented and demonstrated at their quarterly conference in Pune earlier this year

Business Drivers
  • Reduce internal administration efforts in maintaining legacy messaging solutions
  • Reduced licensing costs
  • Pilot implementation, migration and customized training 
  • Google Message Security, Open LDAP, Google Apps Directory Sync, Single Sign-On and Apps Scripts processes
  • Savings of 43% in up front licenses in the first year alone
  • Reduces email client support 80%
  • An end to desktop archiving of email

The recent growth in the Indian financial industry has fueled a need amongst leading boutique investment houses to explore ways to share information internally and publish recommendation to their customers effectively.

Google Apps for Business is a powerful integrated communication hub including email, chat (voice & video) and multi channel video conferencing with Hangouts (Google+)

Business Drivers
  • High availability messaging platform
  • Secure environment to collaborate across regional offices.
  • Fast track deployment program, migrated 3 domains successively.
  • Configured secure document collaboration 
  • Server side data migration using GAMME IMAP migration functionality
  • Project completed in 6 weeks
  • 150 users collaborating effectively across  5 locations 
  • Reduced need for IT administration

Many service sectors companies are fast growing and geographically distributed. Being a very competitive sector, survival depends on productivity and innovation.  Innovation' s correlation to collaboration is in excess of 90%.

Google Apps for Business was built with universal accessibility and ease of of collaboration a major design objectives.

Business Drivers
  • Access platform from multiple locations & countries with a wide range of computer devices and smartphones.
  • Seamless migration from the in house hosted solutions
  • Google Apps for business full migration of mail, contacts, and calendar data. 
  • Adoption support using our proprietary Training Delivery System and 4 webinar sessions and more focused training for admin's to managing the platform 
  • Cut over weekend with no downtime.
  • Quick adoption of intuitive collaboration platform.
  • Redistribution of administration effort away from email support and towards new projects.