New Chrome features bring the modern web to work

posted Apr 17, 2013, 4:38 AM by Unknown user
Just like in our personal lives, work increasingly means accessing useful information, staying connected with people, and using web apps -- all of which are powered by the browser. Today, [Google is] announcing two new Chrome for Business features that make it easier to use Chrome at work. 

First, [Google is] launching Legacy Browser Support for companies that want to use Chrome but rely on custom web applications built for older browsers. When companies use browsers that are two or more versions old, employees and developers are unable to benefit from the incredible web innovations of the past four, or even ten years. Deploying a modern browser can help IT bolster security, reduce support costs, and improve browser speed and usability for employees. 

With Legacy Browser Support, employees on Chrome are automatically switched to a legacy browser when they begin using an older app. IT managers simply define which sites should launch from Chrome into an alternate browser, and then set this Chrome policy for all employees. And while Chrome Frame helps developers build apps for older browsers, Legacy Browser Support lets IT admins of organizations embrace the modern web. 

More than ever, employees are requesting to use their personal computers or devices for work. We’re also introducing cloud-based management of Chrome for Google Apps for Business and Education customers. Now, whether employees are working from the company’s desktop or their personal laptop, they will be able to access default applications, custom themes, or a curated app web store when they sign-in to Chrome with their work account. With cloud-based management, IT administrators can customize more than 100 Chrome policies and preferences for their employees from the Google Admin panel.

The web and browser have come a long way in the last 20 years. As Chrome continues to push the boundary of what’s possible on the modern web, these innovations should be available for everyone, everywhere -- especially at work. Learn more about Chrome for Business.

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