Google helps manufacturers keep operations moving in modern times

posted Jul 31, 2013, 1:22 AM by Prema Howard   [ updated Jul 31, 2013, 1:23 AM ]
Posted by Julia Towne, Head of Enterprise Manufacturing on Google's Official Blog.

Editor's note: Whether it's in the factory, warehouse or office, manufacturers need to work efficiently to bring their customers what's needed. This week we're focusing on how companies in the manufacturing industry are using Google solutions to work better and stay connected. 

Manufacturing has always been shaped by technology, from the earliest days of the Industrial Revolution to the latest robotics on the factory floor. As advances in technology have taken shape, it’s become important for manufacturing companies to manage widespread teams of employees in all corners of the globe and work with vendors and suppliers to serve global customers. There is an added expectation that the industry also needs to keep everyone in sync and effectively and efficiently communicate, collaborate, schedule and track employee and customer activities. 

This week we will highlight how a handful of leaders in manufacturing use Google solutions to better focus on their business needs, allowing them to move faster, innovate and collaborate. By relying on new technology, manufacturers are discovering new ways to stay connected across locations, devices and systems. This week you’ll read specific examples from our customers: How one company used Google Apps to cut their meeting times in half; how another used Google Maps to track their best performing sales territory; and how one customer got real-time access to their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) by integrating Google Search Appliance. 

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