Google Enterprise Blog: Create, edit and present with Google Slides offline

posted Jan 27, 2013, 9:38 PM by Unknown user
Good news Slides lovers. You can now create, edit, comment and (perhaps most importantly) present without an internet connection -- just like you can with Docs. Any new presentations or changes you make will be automatically updated when you get back online. So you can continue polishing slides on your next flight, and head to your upcoming presentation without worrying about whether there's going to be wifi.

If you already have offline editing for Docs enabled, you don’t have to change anything to work with Slides offline. If not, you can turn it on for Slides (and Docs) by following these instructions. Note that to work offline you’ll need to be using Chrome or ChromeOS. And for those of you who use Google Sheets, we’re working to make offline spreadsheets available as well -- stay tuned.

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