Celebrating Earth Day with Google Earth Pro 7.1

posted Apr 22, 2013, 11:18 PM by Unknown user
With Google Earth, you can see just about any location in the world (or even locations outside our world, like galaxies in outer space). Three-dimensional imagery and satellite maps allow you to virtually trek the globe from the comfort of your computer, bringing the world's geography to your fingertips. Today we’re announcing new features for Google Earth Pro that let organizations easily edit maps and accurately measure complex site views.

As a premium edition of Google Earth, Google Earth Pro 7.1 lets you visualize, analyze and share 3D map data and imagery. Using Earth Pro, you can make smart decisions about a location without physically being there. For example, a construction company could calculate the site area and slope of a potential property using Earth Pro’s advanced measurement tools.

With version 7.1, Earth Pro offers two new capabilities:
  • Map-Making: Create legends and scales and add titles to a map, directly from Google Earth Pro. You can also print your customized map or save it as an image. To conduct an environmental survey, for example, enhanced map-making tools let you highlight changes to land mass over time and document those changes directly in the map by adding a legend. 
  • Viewshed: Identify and calculate viewpoints, measuring distances and visualizing potential views. For example, an architecture firm could use the viewshed tool to measure a view from a building or window without being physically on-site.

With simple tools for visualizing, capturing and sharing geospatial information, Google Earth Pro makes it easy to interact with the world around you right from your computer. To celebrate Earth Day, we're offering Google Earth Pro 7.1 (normally $399) for $199 for the next 24 hours. To take advantage of this price, sign up before 9:00 am PDT on April 23, 2013 (Promo code: EARTHDAY199).